Bra Fitting

“We don’t measure, we FIT.”

For a proper bra fitting, women should work with the professionals at The Lingerie Shoppe. We offer a large bra selection to fit every body type. So many women never discover what size they need to properly support their figure. So, whether you are looking for the perfect fit or just want to find something that is comfortable for every day, we’re here to help determine what flatters your figure the best.

There are so many ways to shop for a bra. Many Birmingham, AL department stores and even specialty nationwide brands advertise their different styles but pay no attention to the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. Sizing couldn’t be more important. If you’ve never been able to find the right size bra on your own, we invite you in for a bra fitting. We will fit your bra better than any department store!

Our professional staff understands how to properly determine the right inch and cup size for a woman. First, your measurements will be taken to determine the right circumference and cup size. While this can help you understand what types of bras you should be buying, trying them on will largely determine how comfortable you feel. We have you try on a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles until you find what you feel most comfortable in. You will work with a knowledgeable sales associate who is compassionate and understanding, so you feel comfortable exploring sizes and styles.

Come into The Lingerie Shoppe for a bra fitting. Birmingham, AL women have been relying on us for professional advice on undergarments for years. We’re ready to help you find the right bra. We look forward to showing you our large selection.

We Offer The Following Brands Of Bras:

  • Natori
  • Chantelle
  • Anita
  • Wacoal
  • Fantasie
  • On Gossamer
  • Le Mystere
  • Elita
  • Affinitas